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After recieving the order, we assign one dedicated account manage to fulfill your requirements.

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After successful completion of the work you receive an email for the confirmation along with the document for the revision before final.


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Choose what type of work you want us to write, specify the number of pages or words, expected delivery date, etc.

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How It Work?

  • ORDER FORM: Start by filling out the order form on the website. This includes providing information about the thesis topic, requirements, and deadlines.
  • ASSIGN EXPERT WRITER: Once the form is submitted, the student will be matched with a qualified and experienced writer who specializes in the student's field of study. The writer will then begin working on the thesis, and the student will have the opportunity to communicate with the writer and provide feedback and direction.
  • WRITING PROCESS: Throughout the writing process, the student will have access to a dedicated customer support team for any questions or issues that may arise.
  • EDITING AND PROOFREADING: Once the thesis is complete, it will go through a thorough editing and proofreading process to ensure that it is error-free and ready for submission.
  • FORMATTING AND CITATION: Our team will also provide formatting and citation support to ensure that the thesis meets all academic guidelines.
  • STUDENT REVIEW: Once the final copy is ready and reviewed by student, it will be delivered to the student, who can submit it to their institution.
  • PLAGIARISM:Also, we are providing optional services such as plagiarism check, and reference management.

If you order a full thesis/dissertation with us, you will receive:

Title Page


Table of Contents


Literature Review

Research Methodology

Conclusion and Recommendations

References list or Bibliography


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